Agile Delivery Network

Design of visual identity and brochure

Agile Delivery Network

“We were trying to persuade key influencers in the cabinet office and central government to take on new ways of working. The brochure was a game changer, the design brought real impact to our messaging. It helped us get conversations that mattered.”

Andy De Vale, co-founder of the ADN

A coalition of companies send a clear message to the government

Before GDS and the adoption of Agile in government - the UK government’s digital projects were notoriously slow and expensive. The Agile Delivery Network (ADN) was a coalition of Agile and Lean technology companies, who joined forces in 2009 to convince the government to utilise their expertise in future digital projects, and allow them to pitch for important government tenders.

An umbrella brand for all the ADN’s component companies

I worked closely with the founders of these companies to define the collective’s brand and visual identity, along with the materials to market their ideas and lobby the government. As well as being immediate, clear and modern, the ADN’s identity needed to be simple and ubiquitous enough to act as an umbrella brand for all the component companies.