BBC Threads

UX and UI design for innovative new radio player

BBC Threads

“The BBC had the ambition to develop a web based player that allowed the user to choose which aspects of a radio broadcast they were most interested in. Tom was really great to work with; we took a user centric approach to designing a solution that would be incredibly simple, intuitive and delightful to use. We broke the problem down from the user’s perspective, turning high level ideas into wireframed solutions and developing outcomes we could test and validate with users. The process was rigorous, but fast and valuable - a real success.”

Neville Daniel, Threads Project Manager, Somethin' Else

An ambitious and disruptive concept to change radio

The BBC had a very ambitious idea - Threads was a high level concept in which radio listeners could edit the content of a radio programme in real time. It could mean users swapping songs or sections of content according to their tastes and preferences and editing the direction of the programs. Threads needed a design and technology solution that could feel natural, simple and easy to use.

User experience at the heart of the product development

BBC radio has millions of loyal listeners, made up of numerous user demographics. The threads player would need to have a simple and intuitive UI, and integrate seamlessly with the current BBC media player. Through qualitative user research and fast, iterative design work, I put together numerous product concepts and simple clickable prototypes. Continual and rigorous testing led to a simple, intuitive and engaging solution adopted by the BBC. A huge success - Threads is currently live on the BBC Taster website, and is due to be rolled out later this year.