Final Inspection O . K .

Limited run of newspapers, transcribing the first broadcast on BBC Radio 1

Final Inspection O . K .

Occasionally, devising self initiated design briefs - outside of regular client commitments - can provide the perfect opportunity to explore what’s possible with design, develop new skills, form new ideas and opinions, and learn practical processes that could be applied to the next client project.

A self initiated project to explore media and technology

During the period I was designing the Radio Film (more on that here) I dissected a vintage transistor radio and became fascinated with its design, function and historical relevance to to modern media. What could have been listened to on this old Oscar Europa radio? By researching the brand and the period the radio was produced, I found it coincided with 1967, and the first broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

For the love of print

In the 1960s, a sticker bearing Final Inspection O.K. was the equivalent of our CE, or conformité européene - European Conformity. It formed a working title that stuck, both representing the engineering achievement of the radio, and the social and technological achievement of Radio 1. Limited to 100 editions, Final Inspection O.K. was a chance to engage a passion for photography and print, rarely explored in the world of UX and digital product design.