Government e-Petitions

Design of the UK Government’s e-Petitions website

Government e-Petitions

“(e-Petitions) represents another step towards a more accessible and transparent Parliament… The public already have many opportunities to make their voices heard in Parliament, and this new system of e-petitions could give them a megaphone.”

Sir George Young, Head of the House of Commons

A groundbreaking project for HM Government

e-Petitions was the UK Government’s first digital project to utilise the expertise of the Agile Delivery Network; a coalition of leading Agile and technology companies who lobbied the government to allow them to pitch for key public sector digital projects. e-Petitions has been a huge success, and its style and approach has set the tone for and government digital guidlines ever since. I was the lead designer on the project, working to devise the product architecture, UX and the visual design treatment, that was key to the product’s success.

Focusing on accessibility and user experience design

The UK government had a long history of producing digital products that were convoluted, complicated and difficult to use. To achieve very high levels of accessibility, clear content structure and articulate design was often compromised, meaning that able-bodied users would also be disadvantaged. From the start, I wanted to design e-Petitions to strike a balance, using structural techniques and design logic to achieve a AAA accessibility rating, but also deliver a user experience that would be simple and intuitive for everyone.